Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer '09

Wow...I'm always astonished and amazed at how fast the months go by! This summer was bitter sweet. Even though the economy is lousy and we had to watch every dime spent I did have the luxury of watching my grandchild go through her early stages of infancy. MJ is nearly a toddler, almost walking by herself before 9 months of age!! Also, being home and connecting with my oldest was an extremely special time as was with all my children. I've always kept a very close relationship with all three of my children, not that this means we didn't have our struggles...we did indeed! However, ensuring that we are respective to each other, listen and keep the lines of communication open as have unwavering unconditional love for one another, we can't go wrong!!

I'm extremely fortunate to spend quality time with all my kiddos during the summer months as well as stay closely connected with hubby. Sure, he's busy with his guiding business and frequent odd-jobs to making income during my time off, but he always makes time for us and those are the times we will treasure!

I will definitely miss my time at home...spending it with family, going on trips with close friends (Seafair was a blast Dawn as well as the 4th), celebrating my birthday with Karebear and spending time with her family on hers...good times Girlfriend! Also, seeing the kids work hard at earning money (I haven't seen this for a looooooong time - lol, jk kids!), you three did a wonderful job working the garage sale, congrats!

As the summer comes to a close I know that the good times aren't over, but yet we will continue to spend time together, instead of the sunshine blistering our butts it will be the steadfast rainy, wet, drizzly weather upon us and that will just bring us even closer (indeed, actually much closer; we'll be indoors -- ha, ha). Seriously, I couldn't enjoy my life more...my kids, my husband, my closest family and friends, I love you all very much and look forward to spending and sharing more memoriable moments together in the future!!

Hugs-all-around, Christine ;D