Monday, November 26, 2007


I couldn't be more proud of my kids...

Kyle is going to be 17 already on Wednesday, November 28. It seems just yesterday he was carrying around his sesame street figures (Grover was his favorite) and singing away. Kyle was a persistent child, but I can't say I don't blame him. There is so much to see and do and touch when you're a child. His Dad and I didn't help matters much when he was younger...we gave in way too easy. Maybe it was because he was our first child (I'm sure that's it!) and we didn't realize what a MONSTER we were creating...but he was so darn cute!!

Seriously, overall Kyle has grown up into a WONDERFUL young man and both his Dad and I couldn't be prouder of all his accomplishments...

Academically Successful...enjoys writing poetry~
Athletically Couragous..."Daredevil" on a board~
Talentally where your sides ache~
And so much more...

Kaylee is our "Sweetheart"...she turned 15 this past August. She grew up on Winnie-the-pooh and frolicing with her brother. She followed Kyle everywhere! I especially enjoyed watching them play house together with the backyard funiture and seeing Kyle give his sister rides in his tractor was adorable!!

She enjoyed dress-up and wearing Mom and Dad's shoes...she still likes to dress-up every now and then, but teenage outfits of course is her "fancy" nowdays.

Like all teenagers, Kaylee loves to talk on the phone with her girlfriends...she never strays too far from her cell phone. She also enjoys babysitting the girls in our neighborhood (kaitlyn and Danielle).,,she takes good care of them and they seem to enjoy Kaylee a lot too! However, her real joy these days is hanging out with her boyfriend, Dillion (aka: "Dill-Pickle"). They seem to have a great time spending time together watching movies, chatting on the phone, tagging eachother on myspace, and just enjoying each others time.

It has been a joy watching Kaylee grow up into such a beautiful young lady, from the inside out! She will "forever" be "Our Princess".

Last but not least...there's Keifer! Talk about totally opposite of the other two. When he was an infant, you barely knew he was alive...totally quite and content staring at all that surrounded him. I always thought there was something not quite right with him mentally, but doctors' would tell me otherwise...until recently he was diagnosed with AS.

Keith has always had learning disabilities along with speech difficulties, but nothing too serious. He's had some great support during his early preschooling and then also in second and third grade...the teachers' worked well with him and his success increased full-tilt! However, there were times during his elementary that weren't nearly as successful...teachers that were new and/or didn't have much special educational training, which Keith suffered tremendously.

Now, a teenager, Keith enjoys playing internet games and is learning to skateboard like his big brother. He is very good with his hands...has always enjoyed taking apart things to see how they work and then putting them back together. He'll draw occasionally and watch a movie now and then, but his joy right now is having friends and being liked.

I love each one of you unconditionally and will always be there for you no matter what - you're my "ANGELS".

MOM (Muah!!)

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