Saturday, January 24, 2009

Come check out my personal website:

Web Store just added - come check it out!

This is a place where anyone interested in selling their nostalgic items from the 70's and 80's can use this as their place of advertisement. I just ask that you reinburse my paypal account $1 for every item that you post.

How this works is printed below in two simple steps:

#1 Send email to the following url:

with your description or advertisement (with picture of item) along with your contact information.

#2 When I post your item at my store I will need in exchange for advertising at my site $1 deposited into my PayPal account as soon as the item posts. I will leave you an email when I've posted your advertisement.

THAT'S IT - Sound like a great's absolutely a win-win for both of us!!

Thank you in advance for your business and working towards a successful partnership~

Christine ;)

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