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Cheerleading became an official sport in the late 1800’s with the first three famous words, “Rah, Rah, Sisboomba”. But spectators didn’t take it seriously until individuals became more creative and increased their athletic activity levels in areas such as gymnastics, partner stunts, pyramids, and advanced jumps. This helped cheerleader’s become better known for not only their amazing talent, but also for their outstanding athletic ability. Not only do cheerleaders work hard exerting a lot of physical action, but they are also very strong, loud, and most importantly they put their heart into what they
are doing, an expectation that’s required from all athletes.

Many people still today assume that cheerleading was formed from a group of hyperactive girls wearing short, skimpy uniforms while jumping up and down shouting phrases like, “Go-Team-Go”, and “Go-Fight-Win”. Although they still deny it as a sport, the fact remains that cheerleading is a sport and has numerous opportunities for gaining further achievements in more than just the “Rah” talent it was first recognized for! Not only is cheerleading an amazing sport in itself, but it is also, “a sport within a sport.” And how many times have you heard the phrase, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Well, NOW you can!

Along with the growth of cheerleaders amazing showmanship came the invention of the megaphone and soon after came the famous pom-pons in the early 1930’s. And “believe it or not”, cheerleading and all aspects of cheer were entirely initiated by men! Furthermore, some of the most famous and talented people have held this highly enthusiastic sport. To name a few well-known idols would include former US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, actors Jimmy Stuart and Kirk Douglas, actresses Meryl Streep, Raquel Welch, and Cybil Shepard. So, you see cheerleading has come a long way in ten decades and will only continue to have a positive impact on boys and girls of all ages.

During my years as a cheer coach I’ve observed many kids having a lot of difficulty choosing between one sport over another. There’s just not enough time during a season to participate in them all. But if more individuals knew that cheerleading can offer them so much more than the sport of cheer, I know it would have a great impact on the number of individuals who try out. The opportunities to learn and get involved in other sports are endless! For instance, when you’re cheering for the basketball team, you’re not only focusing on when and what to cheer, but you also get to have the opportunity to concentrate on the techniques and basics of basketball too! It is GREAT to be engaged in both activities at the same time!

As time moves on and the population grows, sports will require more than just showing up for practices. You will most likely be expected to have had experience. And due to limited time and space, most schools don’t allow open gym to those who aren’t in an active sport, limiting or diminishing the individual’s time to experience and become a master in a sport or sports of their choice.

Although there are other options available, such as open gym facilities, there’s usually a huge fee to joining and almost always-another significant amount for attaining a trainer or coach to help teach the skills and basics.

But, going out for cheer can open up the doors to other opportunities and possibilities to achieving in other activities and sports of your choice. The fee moreover is substantially smaller. So, the sooner you begin your quest to become a cheerleader, the sooner you begin your quest to becoming a well-rounded athlete.

Written by Christine Smith
July 2005

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Please go to the Covington Edline page and look at the new contents link...feel free to leave your comment or suggestions.

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I'm beginning a project that's been an idea now for about 5 years or more, but I'm so ready to start it even though there is much going on in my life at the moment. I'm extremely excited about it and hope you'll come back in a few months to check it out!! It has to do with Cheerleading and that's the only clue you'll get for now. Hope to see you back here after the New Year!!! "Happy Holidays!" Chow-4-now, Cheerbear ;)