Saturday, September 22, 2007

More Poetry...

Our Beautiful Three
By Your Loving Mom

Our children~

Three beautiful at that,
Two boys and a girl—how they love to chitchat.

All born with soft skin and teeny knobby knees,
They’re almost grown-up now—it’s hard to believe.

The oldest and wisest of our playful pack,
Has gotten quite tall—as a matter of fact.

Involved in sports since he was a tike,
Enjoying the outdoors and riding his bike.

Our big boy takes risks without always thinking it through,
He’s busted some ribs—tore his liver into.

But as much as we tell him to stop being so careless,
He does what teens do—he thinks he knows best.

Then there’s our daughter—who’s second in line,
Dressed all in pink—most of the time.

She loved to be pampered as little girls do,
Hair up in pigtails—dress and tights with shiny shoes too.

Her talent is buried beneath her fair skin,
It’s called patience and kindness and comes from within.

Although she is older—almost fifteen,
We’ll never forget—our baby girl queen.

At last we delivered our youngest son,
To who was most silent—our quietest one.

He’d stare all day long at sister and brother,
Not saying a word—just sitting in wonder.

But to both our surprise—we’ve come to agree,
He’s a boy full of questions who likes to roam free.

The start was a slow one—he’s come along way
Been supported by teachers—who saw to his delay.

We sure are proud parents—that’s plain to see,
Our wonderful children—our beautiful three~

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