Saturday, September 22, 2007


Personal poetry...

My Hero~

We were in high school—when he and I first met,

He was wearing red shorts and tank—I never will forget.

Walking from the weight room—looking mighty-fine,

Thinking to myself...Oh, I sure wish he were mine.

He asked me out, on a date—a couple of days later,

Thrilled when he called—thinking back to our brief encounter.

The date, to a movie—had been the perfect start,

To the beginning of our relationship—he brought joy to my heart.

Always being supportive—he gives me what I need.

When times were tough at home—he was the one who rescued me.

Now that we are married—things haven’t changed a bit,

We’re still in love as always—he still provides as he once did.

There has been many ups and downs—who doesn’t go that route,

There’s not a perfect couple—who don’t bicker, whine or pout.

Our kids are getting older—it’s good for them to see.

Just how much he cares for them—the three of them and me.

I’m proud of his accomplishments—he’s proven without fail,

To keeping all his family safe—and kept extremely well.

There’s no man in this world—that I would want to rather know,

More than the one I admire—the one I call, “My Hero.”

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