Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fifth Day of Inner Celebration (Continued reflection)

"To live our earthly lives we need lawfulness. To give meaning to our earthly lives we need freedom."

It's difficult for me to imagine or have an absolute perception of my desires listed like a "Things to Do List". I like to embrace each day as it comes, for me; too many tomorrows have turned bleak and unfulfilled. Not that I don’t have dreams or inspirations, because without these, life would seem dull, but living each day to the fullest gives me the power to see things in a realistic way – fulfillment and joy within the moments of the present.

Again, this is an area I will have to give more area that I will definitely explore during these Twelve Holy Nights.

I appreciate the wisdom that leads us to our inner celebration and value each and every person’s thoughts as we share allowing the freedom to be the unique and special individuals we are.

posted by: Christine on Sat, 12/29 11:42 AM EST

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