Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Ninth Day of Inner Celebration (Continued reflection)

Greetings Lynn and All~

Upon reflection from these two guiding words, "order" and "chaos" would be the two words I know "clearly". Unfortunately I was a victim to much abuse growing up...verbal, sexual, emotional, and mental, etc (you name it, I define it). However, being of optimism and hope I survived. For me, order and chaos became habit, a serenity haven if you will. It took years of soul searching, self-reflection, and growth to escape these hardened, dysfunctional areas. But as Lynn describes these two as being apart of "maintaining organization and boundaries", I can now proudly reflect the peace and balance they have in my spiritual and earthly being. However, their will always be up and downs but having had the opportunity and experiences from the past to reflect upon, I know that I will continue to see positive enlightenment.

Again, thank you abundantly Lynn for opening our souls and empowering us to think and thirst for not only our own visions, but also the connection with others as we dive into learning and loving.


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