Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Seventh Day of Inner Celebration (Continued reflection)

My reflection of this past year brings to mind accomplishments that I once only dreamed about, but thanks to believing in myself and staying optimistic, I prevailed! As I anticipate the future, I know without a doubt that I will indeed grow much fonder of who I am and accomplish much more of my dreams. The positive energy that comes from staying connected with those who have the same persistance and love for life has enriched my soul and for this, I am forever blessed. Thank you for being apart of this spiritual strength and God Bless~

Happy New Years to you and your families as we continue our path to our inner celebration.


posted by: Christine on Mon, 12/31 03:09 PM EST

Hi Christine
I love reading all your comments.... You
inspire me to stay TRUE to myself... Let's
"enjoy the journey!!! STAY OPTIMISTIC
This is my first time on a blog...
Lynn Merci Gracias Grazie Danke Thank You
posted by: Nancy on Mon, 12/31 04:58 PM EST

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