Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Third Day of Inner Celebration (Continued reflection)

"How do you initiate a new thought? How does movement appear in your thinking? Not through prejudice, fantasy or addiction. Through joy? Through enthusiasm? Through suffering? Through love?"

In reflection to these questions, I would have to say I act through my visions, goals, dreams, inspirations...keeping a positive outlook on life keeps me grounded with who I am. Also, my spiritual foundation is MOST IMPORTANT to me and to how I evolve as a person on a daily account.

"What rhythms in your life support the actions you take?" I'm a person who feeds off routine, and when this rhythm is interrupted it's extremely difficult to get back on beat.

"Does an inner command to “Be still” create a sense of safety or danger? What about an inner command to “Get moving”?" I'm learning to be still...I come from a background, which was on over-drive 24-7, and danger was a common ground. To learn to "be still" will definitely be a challenge.

"The Twelve Holy Nights are a time when stillness and movement in your soul marry. Can you feel that union?"

Tranquility and working towards my vision's in life are a perfect's to wishing you all a blessed Inner Christmas, together we shall be moved by spirit and one another.


posted by: Christine on Thu, 12/27 11:01 AM EST
Inner Celebration (Lynn Gericho)

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