Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Twelfth Day of Inner Celebration (Continued reflection)

A Personal Practice of Reflection and Renewal
for Individuals of All Faiths and Traditions
During the Twelve Holy Nights of the Year
December 25 til January 6

The Twelfth Holy Night - January 5

Certainty and Doubt
"Here we are at the last of the Twelve Holy Nights. Tomorrow I will send a message about Epiphany, but for now we must look to another polarity.
I have chosen Certainty and Doubt as the closing couple. How do we marry Certainty and Doubt in our souls? For me these two are hopelessly and wonderfully intertwined in my soul.
Certainty comforts me. It tells me I am experiencing what is true. True for me in the moment.
Moment is my favorite measure of time. A moment can be indefinably brief or it can take forever depending on the thought, feeling or action that occupies it.
So Certainty is a feeling found in moments filled with truth, confidence and elegance.
Yet, I am wary of lasting Certainty and it’s comfort. Lasting Certainty seductively asks me to fly high like Icarus, forgetting that my wings are held together with wax and that the sun is hot. Let Certainty be momentary … and tempered by wisdom.
Wisdom in her wariness will ask questions of Certainty: How close can I fly to the sun before melting? Do I need a parachute? She knows the dangers of lasting Certainty. Answer her questions.
Doubt challenges me. It tells me that my reality, spiritual or earthly, is complex and fluid. Doubt gives me choices: I can float or drown. Yes, Doubt is watery..."

I am very certain that without these enlightening polarities of inner celebration my reflections of life would no doubt be different and I would not have reflected in the spiritual ways that they lead me. Lynn, I thank you and all who shared during this time of blessing - what a warm and pleasant way to begin the New Year.

May we all be blessed with a new outlook to life!

posted by: Christine on Sat, 1/5 11:44 AM EST

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